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Publishdate:2013-10-23 Views:1260

On October 21, the production department and the general manager's office jointly organized a seminar on safety culture and human factors management knowledge.

In order to strengthen the awareness of safety culture and the level of workshop management, the company invited cao qiang, professor of metallurgy and resources college of anhui university of technology and an expert in the field of human factor management, to give a lecture on "human factor management". He not only explained the basic theoretical knowledge of human factors management, but also introduced the prevention of human factors errors such as self-inspection, other inspection and three-way communication through video observation, case analysis, on-site simulation and other forms.

"Safety culture" by the company production department minister wang lecture, combined with vivid examples, introduced the origin of safety culture, concept, basic principles and safety culture assessment status quo.

In the future, the company will organize safety culture and quality management knowledge competition in combination with quality month activities to stimulate the enthusiasm of all employees, establish the concept of "everyone is a safety barrier, everyone is a guarantee of quality", create a good safety culture atmosphere, and improve the level and efficiency of enterprise management.