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Discuss the branch meeting to receive probationary party member comrade tao xinlong

Publishdate:2018-12-10 Views:998

On December 6, 2018, a branch meeting was held in the party member activity room of the company to discuss the acceptance of tao xinlong, a probationary party member. The conference has four main agendas:

1、The party member introduces the development object comrade tao xinlong the related situation;

2、Introduction to the party su yuanlin, wang zuyu two comrades introduced comrade tao xinlong about the situation;

3、Committee report on comrade tao xinlong's review;

4、Three participating party members expressed their views on whether comrade tao xinlong could join the party.

Three voting party members shall, or shall not, be present at the meeting. The assembly voted by secret ballot. The vote was 3 in favour, none against and none abstained. The congress thinks, comrade tao xinlong had had party member condition basically, agree to accept its to be probationary party member.