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Operational techniques for reducing mill wear

Publishdate:2013-08-27 Views:1108

Date: 2013-8-27  Views: 2870The method that increases equipment output of ball mill of mineral processing everybody should know many, that how to flank increases output of ball mill? Research draws conclusions; Reducing the raw material loss of the ball mill is equal to reducing the grinding cost and indirectly increasing the output of the ball mill. How to reduce the ball mill without loss of operation technology, in addition, the use of ball mill parts should pay attention to the lubrication, can reduce the friction loss.

1. The large bearing base of the mineral processing ball mill is different from the core of the hollow shaft, resulting in heat generated by friction between the hollow shaft and the bearing gland.

2, the ball mill equipment reducer and pinion shaft different centers, reducer and motor different centers, will cause the ball mill bearing overload operation and heating.

3, the transmission pinion shaft and bearing seat are different from the center, resulting in friction heat transmission shaft and bearing gland;

4. If there is no oil shortage, check the concentricity of each part, and check the main machine and transmission part of the ball mill respectively.

5. Grease the main bearing and pinion shaft bearing of the ball mill and lubricate the reducer with oil.