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Notes for ball loading in ball mill

Publishdate:2013-12-15 Views:1046

To achieve the reasonable ball mill ball, we need to pay special attention to the following issues.

1. Have some understanding of the parameters of the ball mill

Before loading the ball, we must first according to the random instruction to provide the parameters of the ball mill equipment, the volume of ball mill, do know speed, ball joint parts of the tight situation is normal, rake tooth height, stroke, rake plane trajectory and this is normal, these are all we need to understand the situation, when the ball mill equipment is normal, to measure the rotational speed and ball mill, ball mill volume and calculate the critical speed of ball mill, grasp the relationship between the critical velocity and quantity of the ball.

2. The ball should be put into trial operation

The reason why we pay so much attention to ball loading is to ensure the quality and output of the product. Therefore, after ball loading of the ball mill is completed, it is necessary to conduct trial operation in time to test the effect of ball loading. The main reason is the screening and water analysis of ball mill feeding, ore discharging, sand returning and temperature flow.

3, ball mill clear ball, back ball, ball

Clear the ball mill is, in general, when change the size of the gear, in clean ball, should do well in ball and cleaning work, master the regular pattern of loading and ball, continue to make a reasonable balance is put the ball in order to check and verify before the ball, filling the ball correctly, or remove broken ball on schedule, to stabilize the grinding efficiency at higher levels.

If a ball loading technique is not available, all ball mill balls should be cleaned, sorted, measured and recorded.

Calculate the optimal ball loading amount, type, proportion, crushing rate, etc., and work out the principle of ball for ball mill, so as to provide reference basis for reasonable ball loading in the future.