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What is a qualified ball mill ball

Publishdate:2014-07-31 Views:1082

Steel ball is the medium used in the ball mill to grind the materials. Its working principle is to impact and grind the materials in the running process of the ball mill to grind the materials into fine powder. The loading amount of steel ball and the output and quality of grade-matching mill have great influence, so the ball matching is an important part of the daily technical management of the mill. Many ball manufacturers only understand the ball mill ball requirements, can produce steel ball in line with customer needs, so what requirements to meet the ball is the most suitable for the ball mill?

1. Impact force: when the impact energy produced by the steel ball exceeds the strength limit of the material, the material will be crushed. However, the stress exerted by the excessive impact force on the lining plate and barrel of the ball mill will also increase and the energy consumption will also be large. The steel ball of ball mill produced by longsheng has undergone repeated tests. The impact value of the high chromium ball is 4.0 (J/cm2). The ball table hardness is 58HRC.

2. Impact times: multiple times is the main means to improve the fineness and yield of grinding. The impact force, impact times and material storage capacity of steel ball depend on the ball diameter of the ball mill. Longsheng has professional falling ball testing machine, which performs repeated tests on the steel balls produced, and calculates the impact fatigue life of the falling ball with high chromium for more than 21000 times, fully meeting the requirements of customers.

3. Grinding force: in the running process of the ball mill, grinding materials mainly rely on the contact between the point and surface of the steel ball, so as to improve the grinding efficiency, especially for the grinding process of fine grinding silo is very important. The hardness and wear resistance of the high, medium and low chromium alloy cast ball produced by longsheng are far beyond the industry standard, and the difference between the surface hardness and the core hardness is small, so the wear resistance is stable.

4. Material storage capacity and extrusion capacity: through gradation of large and small balls, the gap between steel balls can be reduced, and the packing density of steel balls can be increased to make them have appropriate material storage capacity. On the one hand, the velocity of the material in the mill can be controlled, and the residence time can be extended, so as to be fully ground. On the other hand, the material will be extruded to facilitate the impact of the ball crushing.

With the same loading amount, the larger the average ball diameter is, the stronger the impact force is, the larger the void ratio is, the faster the flow velocity will be, but the impact times will be reduced, and the material storage capacity will be weakened. For the materials that are difficult to grind, the impact force of slag grinding should be strong, and The Times of impact should be increased and the grinding time of materials in the warehouse should be prolonged. In actual production, to choose according to the actual situation of grinding.

As part of the ball mill is the most crucial, the importance of steel ball quality is self-evident naturally, so we add ball mill ball in selection and must be in strict accordance with the requirements for operation, to ensure the normal operation of equipment, not only that in choosing a steel ball manufacturer, want to choose such as ma on shan Long Sheng wear-resisting material co., LTD. The brand of quality steel ball.