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Factors affecting the production capacity of ball mill

Publishdate:2014-09-26 Views:1047

There are many factors that affect the production capacity of the ball mill, mainly as follows: 1. The movement law of the ball mill can be simplified into three basic forms under different cylinder speeds. First, when the rotating speed is very low, the materials are finely ground mainly by grinding. Because the kinetic energy of the ball mill is small, the impact force is small and the grinding efficiency is extremely low; Second, when the rotating speed is very high, the ball milling body rotates with the cylinder under the action of inertial force, which does not produce impact on the material, mainly relying on friction, and the ball milling efficiency is extremely poor; Third, when the rotating speed is suitable, the ball mill body rotates to a certain position with the cylinder and then separates from the cylinder wall, and the material is crushed by impact and friction, which has the highest crushing efficiency. (Maanshan Longsheng Wear-resistant Material Co., Ltd.) 2. Loading capacity of ball mill. The more ball mills are added, the more times the materials are ground in unit time, and the ball milling efficiency is high, but not too much. Otherwise, it takes up the effective space of the ball mill and reduces the ball milling efficiency. 3. Types of grinding materials, physical and chemical properties (such as particle size, hardness, temperature, moisture and particle shape, etc.) and grinding particle size requirements. 4. Structure form, scale, cabin division, service condition of inner lining and bulkhead plate, and cylinder rotation speed of the mill. 5. Type, shape, size, grading and filling degree of ball mill. 6. Uniformity of feeding and filling degree in the mill. 7. Grinding methods and operating conditions of ball mill. For example, the ratio of material, water and ball in dry or wet open or closed wet grinding, ventilation in dry grinding, cycle load rate in closed grinding, usage of classifier and efficiency of powder selection, etc. 8. Whether to add grinding AIDS. At present, there is no complete theoretical calculation formula of production capacity, which is usually calculated by semi-empirical theory or empirical method according to experiments. Based on the analysis of the structure and dynamics of the small planetary ball mill, this paper studies its influence on grinding efficiency and grinding granularity, and establishes the characterization model of the structure and grinding effect of the mill. Ma 'anshan Longsheng Wear-resistant Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in producing and selling wear-resistant materials such as high chromium balls, high chromium sections, medium chromium balls, medium chromium sections, low chromium balls, low chromium sections, ball mill liners, crusher hammers, etc. Domestic sales hotline: 1555537677 Sales Manager: Sun Dequan Enquiry Website: