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How to judge the reasonableness of grinding body gradation?

Publishdate:2014-10-05 Views:1110

The reasonable gradation of grinding body is temporary and can only keep stable in a relatively long time, and the length of time is related to many factors, but the key is the grindability of the grinding body itself. How to judge whether the gradation of grinding body is reasonable can be judged synthetically according to the following aspects. (ma 'anshan longsheng wear-resistant materials co., LTD.) to see the mill running current. In the control range, low current, insufficient grinding quantity. The current is high, the load may reach the upper limit or the total load is reasonable, but the proportion of grinding part and grinding part used for grinding body is low.

Grinding voice or grinding voice automatic control system display value;

(3) the changes of relevant control parameters in the grinding machine load control system (including possible grinding sound, hoisting electromechanical flow or feed material quantity of roller press);

(4) from the mill product output, product fineness value analysis. If the output is normal, the fineness is coarse, or the output is low, the fineness value is low, must adjust the coarse grinds the storehouse fine grinds the storehouse grinds the body proportion or the supplement. Low output, high fineness value (refer to screening residual), insufficient grinding body;

(5), the use of materials varieties of particle size and processing performance changes (such as the use of fly ash or slag, there is a pre-grinding system, the equipment can not be synchronized with the mill operation or roller press in the discharge of edge material proportion increase, etc.) to timely adjust the grinding body gradation;

6, grinding machine operation thermal parameters, such as grinding machine inlet and outlet pressure, grinding machine ventilation;

7, stop grinding check material ball ratio, coarse grinding bin, normal surface steel ball exposed about half, grinding bin in the fine powder cover grinding body. Inspect the wear and blockage of the grate plate, observe the number of lining plates covered by the material ball, and check whether the grinding bin (without grading the lining plate) has the inverted grading status of the grinding body;

8, measuring material velocity. Screen analysis curve was made to measure the maximum height from the grinding surface to the mill barrel, and the ventilation area was measured.

(9) pet-name, to observe the slag discharge from the slag mouth (sieve mill may not have or small);

Attending, closed-circuit system cycle load value;

⑪, use different materials to do fineness value of admixture (surface) on the high side;

⑫, grinding material.

The above material grinding body gradation is reasonable, is the combination of practice and theory, relying on experience and scientific methods both at the same time, to make a scientific judgment, to achieve high quality mill, high yield, low energy consumption and low grinding body consumption.