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The problem of width and area of grate in the compartment of a ball mill is analyzed

Publishdate:2014-12-05 Views:1155

Main functions of the separator plate of the ball mill:

1, separate the grinding body. As anyone who has used a ball mill knows, ball specifications are different for ball mills in each warehouse. This is because the function of each warehouse is different. The average size of the grinding body of each warehouse is kept from coarse grinding silo to fine grinding silo, so as to meet the needs of large grinding body and small grinding body, and give full play to the grinding function of grinding body. (ma 'anshan longsheng wear-resistant materials co., LTD.)

2, control the abrasive velocity in the grinding, the gap in the compartment board determines the final velocity in the ball mill. Ensure effective grinding of materials.

3. The analysis of materials can prevent excessive particles from entering the area with weak impact force, or it will cause the accumulation of materials that cannot be crushed and seriously affect the grinding effect of the ball mill, or the grinding of raw materials, resulting in unqualified fineness of products.

In the structural design of the ball mill, the grate area and width of the compartment plate are also considered.

1, the size of the total area of the grate clearance of the grate clearance is designed to pass through the material. The width of grate seam at the outlet of compartment plate is about 1.5~2.0 times of that at the inlet. The total area of grate joint is also called the effective area of the compartment plate, which is expressed as the percentage of the compartment plate area. If the effective area is large, the amount of material passing through is large, but if the effective area is too large, the strength of the compartment board will decrease. The effective area at the inlet of the compartment plate is 5%~15%, the dry closed circuit grinding of raw materials can reach 20%, and the wet grinding is suitable for small value.

2, the size of the grate width, grate width, not only related to the amount of material through, but also related to the maximum particle size through the material, should pay attention to control. The effective width (that is, the width of the feed port) of the first grate seam of the compartment board of the cement industry multi-silo ball mill is mostly 6~14mm, and the raw material grinding is up to 16mm. The effective width of the second grate seam of the compartment board is mostly 6~10mm, and the effective width of the third grate seam is mostly 5~8mm. According to the practice of cement industry in China and abroad, the effective width of grate seam of the first compartment plate should not be too large, and the open road dry grinding should be 6~8mm. Closed-circuit dry grinding should be 8~12mm; Wet raw material grinding is suitable for 3~7mm. The length of the grate joint is generally 300~400mm, and the longest abroad is up to 700mm, based on the area of the grate joint and the effective width of the grate joint.

The effective width of the grate seam of the compartment plate of the double chamber ball mill is generally 5~8mm. The effective width of the grate seam of the discharge grate plate should be about 2mm wider than that of the compartment plate, so as to facilitate unloading and removing scrap iron. (ma 'anshan longsheng wear-resistant materials co., LTD.)