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Micro-High Chromium Steel Alloy /Micro steel Ball for Hydraulic fracturing proppants and Graphite Mining

Publishdate:2021-05-24 Views:1438

Micro-High Chromium Steel Alloy /Micro steel  Ball description

It is widely used in making Hydraulic fracturing proppants for the oil and gas industries and Graphite Mining industries .

Proppant is used to keep the fractures open preventing the fractures from closing due to overburden pressure after the Hydraulic fracturing work is completed. Proppant provides a high-conductivity pathway for gas ,oil , hydrocarbons to flow from the reservoir to the well.

Technical parameter :

Chemical Composition(%)
C Si Mn Cr P S Mo Al
1.8-3.3 0.3-1.2 0.5-1.0 10-13 ≤0.10 ≤0.06 Minor Minor
Cu Ni Nb Ti Zr V B Mg
Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor
Micro-structure Rockwell Hardness (HRC)
M+C 58-64
Diameter (mm) Ø8 Ø10 Ø12 Ø15 Ø17 Ø20 Ø25